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Fun Kid's Sleeping Bags and Mats

Many options are available depending on your child's sleeping bag needs.

If you are looking for a technical sleeping bag for outdoor use on camping trips where the child will be carrying the bag on a backpack or overnight you will be looking for a different product then if you only want a sleeping bag for in house sleep overs or for back yard tent camping.

When thinking about a sleeping bag for a child who needs the bag for overnight camping trips the two main considerations will be weight and temperature ratings. Sleeping bags come in a variety of sizes and weights. The weight is primarily a function of the kind of fill used in the sleeping bag. No matter what kind of fill you choose (polyester or down) you will need to be conscious of the weight of the bag. A child carrying a pack should carry no more than 30% of their weight so a small light sleeping bag is important. Typically a child's mummy bag will be the best option for small size and light weight to carry on an overnight trip. These kinds of bags are available from a variety of online vendors like REI and Eddie Bauer.

If you are looking for a child sleeping bag for overnights at a friends house for for back yard camping you will not need to be as concerned about weight and size. If this is the case then look for a big soft comfortable bag which can be enjoyed to the max. Some ideas are listed below.

There are bags for camping, for fun, and just for sleep overs at friends houses. The Youth 50 Degree Sleeping Bag is available in fun colors and is 30" x 60" in size. This item comes with a carrying bag with strap for easy transporting. These work well for camping or slumber parties.

Another great option is a sleeping bag mat. These items can be used as a mat for lying down on, or as a sleeping bag! These are 2-in-1 fleece sleeping bag mats. When it is fully opened the size is 60" by 70" - they can serve as a large throw blanket as well. This item has a zipper to close up the sleeping bag.

Yet another combo is the backpack/sleeping bag combo. One of these popular items is the Kids 4 Piece Sonic Boom Sleeping Bag/Backpack. These sets include back pack style carrying bag with front pocket, the sleeping bag, a durable flashlight with it's own pocket, and a drink bottle with it's own pocket. It is comprised of a polyester outer liner with 1.5 lbs of polyester fill. The temperature rating is 45 degrees and the bag size is designed for kids up to 5 feet tall. This items is great for camping, overnight trips or sleep overs It's fun for kids to be able to carry their bag on their backs!

Click on any auction above for more information and photos of these children's sleeping bags and mats.

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