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Mummy Sleeping Bags for Camping and Hiking

When is comes to camping and backpacking there is no piece of gear more important than the right sleeping bag. Typically when considering an ideal combination of warmth and weight the mummy bag is the right choice. Here we will discuss some details of the mummy bag and give you some pointers on how to make the right decision when you buy your sleeping bag.

Although many people are worried about the size and shape of a mummy bag and how it will constrict you while you sleep this same size and shape serve very well the dual purposes of warmth and reduced weight for backpacking. When you are carrying your bag and you need a warm and lightweight sleeping place the mummy bag is the right choice. Down mummy bags provide the most warmth and serve a hiker well even when they get wet. Polyester sleeping bags can be a less expensive alternative and during warmer times of year are a very good choice for the three season camper.

Selecting a mummy bag is really very easy. Find out the length you need and then determine how warm you need the bag to be. If you will be camping in temperatures down to 10 degrees then you will need a 10 degree bag. If the temperatures will only go down to the range of 30 degrees then do not spend the money on a more expensive and heavier bag if that is not necessary.

You can buy a mummy bag with a wider cut if you feel it may be too tight around your shoulders but the more narrow the bag the more warmth and the less weight you need to worry about. The real trick to making a mummy bag comfortable is not to try and roll around "inside" the bag like you would roll in your normal bed. Rather you need to think of the mummy bag as an added layer of skin and when you roll roll and tuck your legs with the bag wrapped around you. This will keep you warm and comfortable all night long.

There are many brands available, all with differing features. Here we highlight several. The Chinook Down Filled Wildfire Mummy Sleeping Bag features top quality fabrics, and superior French Pyrenean goose down. This is a premium bag and is perfect for expeditions in any climate and terrain. This item is available in 2 different lengths and features a lifetime warranty. The temperature rating is 32 degrees F and 0 Celsius and includes a water resistant cap compression bag for use while traveling and a large nylon mesh storage sack for storage at home.

The mummy design with the ergonomically shaped SnugHood and foot box gives the best fit around the facial area providing extra comfort while reducing bulk when the draw cord is fully tightened.

The trapezoidal chamber construction allows the down to un compress and loft naturally around the user eliminating any cold spots and preventing unwanted down migration.

The bottom outer shell consists of a waterproof and anti-slip HiTex nylon bottom fabric that reduces slippage and movement while sleeping.

The top outer shell is made from DuPont Tactel diamond rip stop nylon for a lightweight, durable fabric with superior moisture control properties.

There is also a heavy duty, 2-way, #8 YKK zipper with a reversible puller and auto lock system. Chinook has also incorporated an anti-snag design along the zippers edge.

Another option is the model by Swissgear. The SwissGear mummy sleeping bag offers a soft spongee poly liner that will snuggle you in warmth and allow you to wake the next day ready to take on the challenges ahead. A strong and durable double diamond rip stop outer makes this the sleeping bag that will be the envy of the campground. It features a large 35" x 90" size, drawstring hood for added warmth, soft spongee poly liner, double diamond ripstop outer fabric, 20 degree temperature rating, 5" shoulder collar to keep the cold air out, and self repairing coil zipper.

Click on any auction above for more information and photos of these cold weather sleeping sacks with hoods.

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