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Double Sleeping Bags for Two People

The double sleeping bag and zip together sleeping bags have long been a favorite of the car camping, RV camping and weekend camping crowd. While these bags are generally not the best for backpacking and carrying on an overnight adventure they do offer an extra level of comfort for the car camping and RV camping population.

Double sleeping bags are extra wide, extra comfortable and of course extra warm due to the fact that they fit two people. A double sleeping bag can be purchased with either down or synthetic filling depending on your preferences and the kind of camping you most enjoy. Below we have highlighted a few double sleeping bags for your consideration and every year the major camping retailers come out with new and improved models for your review.

Want to go camping with your spouse...but don't want 2 sleeping bags? No problem - opt for the "couples sleeping bag" - one that is specially made for two people! There are many great options available, including the High Peak Big Foot 0 degrees 2 person sleeping bag with compression stuff sack. This item has a lifetime warranty and only measures 19 inches by 14 inches when it is compressed in the stuff sack. High Peak is a leading name in outdoor gear, and this 4 season bag is quality, as well as machine washable. The size of this bag is 60" x 100", the outer is rip stop nylon, with a cotton flannel liner. The bag weight in the stuff sack is 10 pounds and the fill is Dura Fiber H1. The temperature rating is 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are also bags that can be used separately - or zipped together to form a double bag - the best of both worlds. For example, two Microsmart 270 sleeping bags by Outer Limits can be zipped together, forming a two-person sleeping bag. The micro smart fiber used in the bags creates greater warmth, will not cluster, has elasticity to mold to your body shape, superior softness, higher levels of compactibility, moisture resistance, unrivaled insulating ability when wet, fast drying, is odor free, insect resistant, mildew and fungus free and most importantly long-lasting even after repeated washing. These bags are rated down to 23 degrees F.

Click on any auction above for more information and photos of these children's sleeping bags and mats.

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