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Tents with 3 Rooms

Are you looking for a large tent to take when the whole family wants to get outdoors and camp together? Coleman makes some great tents that will hold the whole crowd and still leave some room for privacy. If you are considering an 8 person tent there are plenty in the market but in many ways Coleman is a leader in the family camping genre and has been for many years.

If you are looking at a tent that sleeps eight people you should also be considering a good sized screen shelter so you can set up a table and cooking area for everyone to enjoy as well. Some tents for eight are made with multiple rooms where different folks can have a level of privacy. Other 8 person tents are just one large room with the option of dividing the spaces with walls and zippers.

Research the way the tent is built and how the rooms are divided before you purchase your eight man tent. You will want to make sure the tent accommodates and has the flexibility to house your entire group.

If you do your research and find the right price you will be sure to have a spacious and portable housing option for every time the whole crew heads out to enjoy some of the great out doors. Below we review the Coleman WeatherMaster tent for your consideration.

The spacious 17 foot x 9 foot WeatherMaster Coleman tent sleeps 6-8 people and boasts 3 rooms! Roughing it? Not with this one! This tent is more like a portable camping cabin and offers you space and privacy. This tent offers 76 inches of vertical space in the center, and the entire tent is screened to keep the bugs out. There are hanging dividers to separate the rooms, easy to follow setup instructions are sewn into the carrying bag, and there are separate storage bags for the tent poles and stakes. Enjoy your suite in the wilderness!

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