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Coleman Durango 2 Room Tents

The Coleman Durango tent is ideal for families or larger groups. These tents typically include two rooms and are approximately 15x10 feet in size. These tents can sleep eight people and have a center height of 77 inches. Add to that the built in pockets, removable hanging divider to separate the rooms, and the variflo adjustable venting system - this tent will keep everyone comfy!

The Coleman Durango is a classic car camping tent for a medium to large sized family who plan to camp in established sites at local, state or national parks where there is easy access to developed camp sites. The heavy weight and large size make it impractical to carry this tent any distance, however that is not the intention.

If you are looking for a great tent to use on grassy camp sites or at local parks where all the amenities are located in short walking distance the Coleman Durango is the perfect tent for getting out for 2- 4 days of summer fun.

Other brands of tents like the Sierra Designs family tents and newer offerings from companies like REI also make great family weekend camping tents which compete with the Coleman Durango. Coleman has been in this niche with their tents and cooking gear for many years so you can rest assured you will get an excellent large sized tent for your dollar.

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