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Fireplaces for Camping

There are many great options to keep yourself warm outdoors while camping. The CharBroil Outdoor Fireplace with Screen is one of those items. On those cool summer nights it offers a great way to keep your toes warm and sit back and enjoy. The fireplace, with its attractive arched top and sloping sides, is made of sturdy 100% steel with a black high-temperature powder coated finish that is heat resistant. The 334 sq. in. burn area holds standard-size firewood, charcoal or artificial logs. The removable mesh side screens let you tend the fire easily. It also boasts a built-in log rack for firewood, artificial logs, or coals; the screens can be removed for adding wood, cleaning, or storage.

The Firedancer propane camping fireplace is another great option; it can be used as a portable, fully contained and easy to light campfire. The Firedancer can also be used as a customized fire pit on your patio, wooden deck, or wherever you wish. The base of the unit does not get hot. Just surround the unit with your choice of rocks, bricks, shale, or stones and you have a self-made fire pit. Laws forbid open campfires in many camping areas. This unit can be used anywhere a propane gas grill is allowed. No smoke, no sparks, no ash, no cleanup with this unit. Even if the wind is blowing you don't have to worry about hot embers blowing around.

The wood burning Uniflame Copper Accented Outdoor Fireplace serves as both a heat source and a place to cook outdoors! You can enjoy a cozy fire on those cool nights or cook some steaks then enjoy some s'mores. With a 360 degree view and warmth along with a durable porcelain coated steel hearth - this is a great unit!

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