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We Have a Source for Quiet, High-Performance Diesel RV Generators on Ebay

Some of the best and quietest power you can find for your RV can come from a diesel generator. If you own a Class A Motorhome and you don't have a generator, you must get one. The question is, should you get a diesel or a gas powered generator? Performance output being equal, you will save money with a diesel in the long run because of its efficiency. Diesel engines are quieter too. They run at lower RPM's than gasoline engines do and use less fuel for the same output. The Guardian 7500 Watt diesel rv generator will power two, 13,500 BTU air conditioners with power to spare. Maintenance is easy with its convenient service panel that allows easy access to air and oil filters, spark plugs, and other commonly replaced items. Overall maintenance costs should be less in the long run with a diesel because even though the parts may be a bit more, there will be less maintenance required and will have to be done less often, in general. A diesel generator may cost a little more than its gas powered counterpart, but the savings in gas and quieter more efficient operation make up for that significantly.

There are some great buys used and new on a wide variety of RV generators that operate off both diesel and regular gasoline available on a wide variety of web sites. These deals can include some of the most well known generator names like Honda and Briggs and Stratton. If you are comfortable with online auctions Ebay offers an excellent way to find RV generators that might be very reliable and slightly used for well under regular retail prices.

Sure your RV likely came with a generator that was delivered with the vehicle but that is not a guarantee that the generator is the best choice for your kinds of use or for your size RV. Many RV enthusiasts will also bring along a small portable generator that can be used for running emergency power and lights or for starting up equipment of the main generator fails for any reason.

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