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Dometic RV Refrigerators - A Perfect Fit For Your RV Lifestyle?

The Dometic RV refrigerator has come as a boon for people leading RV lifestyles. These refrigerators are designed keeping in mind the specific requirements suited for Recreational Vehicle living.

Dometic Refrigerators - Leading By Example

The RV refrigerator has to be compact and efficient. Dometic Corp. is the largest maker of gas refrigerators in the world and manufactures these portable units for RV dwellers. A wide range of units are available to meet the requirements of demanding RV enthusiasts. These appliances run on 120 AC, propane and can run on DC as well.

Dometic Corp. is a 50 year old, innovative company. It utilizes the most advanced gas absorption technology. Moreover, it was the first to make CFC/HCFC-free Recreational Vehicle refrigerators. These models are environmentally friendly and are the most energy efficient fridges currently available.

For years, this manufacturer has set the standard for these appliances. These units are built with a solid steel frame to prevent leaking, cracking or warping (a common complaint with RV refrigerators). You can buy these units as new or used to replace for your old RV refrigerator. It is also possible to have your used RV fridge replaced with a newer one with a changed exterior look. These units are also available with dometic burners, cooling units, thermostats, igniters, thermo couples, gas burners and heaters. Thermostat duo-therm by dometic is another popular feature. This company even makes gas refrigerators for houseboats.

If you are looking for a portable RV fridge that meets all of your requirements, then the obvious choice is Dometic. Here are the details of some leading models:

Dometic Single Door RV Refrigerators
Single Door RV Refrigerator.

The Americana Single-Door RV Refrigerator, a member of the Dometic elite line. The main features of this range of RV refrigerators are:

  • 1/2 gallon container shelf storage
  • 2-way or 3-way operation
  • Positive lock door handles
  • Easy to use top controls.
  • Recessed doors that open a full 180 degrees

Dometic Double Door RV Refrigerators

Featured to the right is the Americana Double-Door Model of Refrigerator. The key features of this model are:
  • Eye-level electronic controls with automatic electronic LP ignition
  • 2-liter bottle and 1/2 gallon container door storage
  • One-gallon container shelf storage
  • Adjustable wire shelves
  • 3-position adjustable freezer shelf
  • Shelf and juice rack on freezer door
  • Two crispers
  • 110v/LP Gas (2-way) operation
  • Positive lock door handles
  • Recessed doors that open a full 180 degrees
Double Door RV Refrigerator.

You can locate replacement parts for these appliances online. Dometic rm3862 parts, Dometic rm2501 parts, Dometic servel rge 400 replacement parts are all available on the web. You can often find these items on used parts web sites, or, on auctions.

Tips To Enhance The Efficiency Of Your Refrigerator
If you want your RV fridge to provide better performance, you should ensure proper leveling of the rig of your vehicle. Always park your vehicle on a level surface to enable proper air circulation and protect your fridge against malfunction.

Guard against inadequate cooling. This issue arises mainly because adequate voltage is not available. Another reason may be a Caravan cabin that has thin insulation of the cooling unit. You can help ensure better cooling from your RV fridge by parking your vehicle in the shade, and allowing hot food items to cool down before placing them in the unit. You can learn about adjusting the temperature on a dometic rv refrigerator from help documents online. You might also try the manufacturers web site for directions.

Check out our recommended resources below for attractive deals and offers on these and many other models of Dometic RV Refrigerators.

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