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Energy Efficient And Solar Power RV Refrigerators

Energy efficiency. Most newer brands today are energy efficient. The cost of propane has gone up considerably, so this is more of a consideration than it used to be. And, you’ll want to keep that battery charged. So if you’re using a three-way refrigerator and want to run it on the battery and solar power, you’ll want the most efficient refrigerators available.

Solar power is becoming a more viable option for powering your RV lifestyle. Should you consider solar power as an alternative to 120VAC outlets to keep your refrigerator going? Solar power is a wonderful alternative, but remember that it’s main function is to keep your batteries charged. If you’re planning on any prolonged stays at locations without 120VAC hookups, it’s a great way to prolong the life of your propane supply, keep your batteries charged for other uses, and avoid using loud, obnoxious generators when you are hooked up.

Energy Efficient RV Refrigerator. Keep in mind, though, that solar power and RV refrigerators work independently of each other. The solar power charges your battery, and is not hooked directly to your refrigerator.
That said, you want to make sure you aren't putting too much of a load on your battery by running the stereo, TV's, hair dryers and other power intensive appliances. The comforts of RV living can make one forget that he or she is not at home, but in an RV with a DC battery with limited life and most important, limited charge. Life on the road is about setting priorities and having a plan. Use solar power to charge your battery during the day and at night enjoy the comforts of home living in your RV.

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