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Ford E-Series Van Conversions at Ebay Auction Prices

e-150 ford turtle conversion van.The Ford E Series Vans are considered to be among the most luxurious. The Regency Conversion Vans can be outfitted with DVDs, VCRs, TVs, leather seats, power windows and doors.

Many of the E150 models even come with storage in the front console, multiple TV screens, center cooler between driver and passenger seats, radio and CD changer, reading lighting and more.

We love a great deal and are always on the lookout for one! Searching online sales is often the quickest and easiest way to shop for conversion vans which may be spread around the country and not all the best deals located in one city.

As mentioned above Ford vans can often be purchased with a very nice level of finish straight from Ford and ready to take on your next road trip. Of course if you want to purchase a van from scratch and with with a custom van builder then Ford vans also perform well in those circumstances. With the addition of a turtle top you can add the needed head room to make the van very comfortable in the passenger area. The addition os captains seats or maybe a small sofa round out some of the living space luxuries. Specialized windows are also a big part of any van conversion and because of the readily available Ford vans that also means that special windows with larger sizes and a variety of coatings are easily located for a good price.

Ford has long been the largest American car manufacturer and they have weathered many difficulties in the automobile industry better than most other car brands. While there is probably little concern over being able to find repairs and service for a major vehicle brand the stability of the Ford name adds confidence to any conversion van purchase. If you perform the conversion yourself or via a custom van shop you may find some warranties have been voided, but the engine and drive train functions should still be able to be serviced by any reputable Ford dealer.

One real benefit of purchasing a conversion van directly from the manufacturer or from a quality custom van shop is the flexibility you will have with color selection and detailing as you purchase the van. When a van has a special top and side running boards etc the look becomes something which is unique on the road. In order for that look to really reach its optimum the paint and design of the van become critical as well. Pin stripping helps to make the van look smaller and more attractive as well as increases any resale value at some point in the future.

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