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How To Buy Used Coleman Tent Trailers

buy a used tent trailer.
Coleman manufactures several lines of tent trailers for different consumer needs and budgets. Included in these are the Americana Series with the Coleman Santa Fe and Cheyenne models. The Americana Series is intermediately priced and includes special amenities like a swing-level galley and a stepper door. The Coleman-Fleetwood Mesa model is another good buy, particularly for used tent trailers. Undoubtedly, new RVs as offered by RV dealers can be very pricey and reach into the thousands.

Don't Limit Yourself - You Can Find Many Used Tent Trailers Online

Looking for used Coleman tent trailers is a good idea to start saving. But why limit yourself to just used RV units in the area? Using various auction sites like Ebay, or classified ad sites such as RV Trader, you get to do business with sellers all over the country and get a much wider selection, based on your needs and budget.

What To Make Sure Of Before You Buy

Before buying an tent trailer online however, take precautions. A deal too good to be true may literally be a scam or at the very least a misleading deal involving a shoddy, unusable vehicle. Unless you have money to waste, always inspect the RV in person – even if you have to drive across the country or take a plan or bus ride to the location. Once you pay for an item through an auction site there is little legal protection even if the RV falls apart. RVers recommend that you carefully examine the entire unit, the interior and exterior.

Look for stained walls or leaks, check all of the lights and fans, check the doors and tent windows, as well as any amenities like kitchens, air conditioning or heaters and shower and toilets to see if they are operating. RV sellers will never be in any rush to tell you what's wrong with the tent trailer if you don't ask first. Check the tires and the awning, and after a thorough inspection test the trailer on the road to make sure there aren't any unusual noises or mechanical failures.

Besides condition, research your desired model online and determine an approximate price to see if you're actually paying too much for what seems like a good deal. Online consumers recommend paying by credit card, as dispute charges are easier to investigate that way than dealing with Paypal or by check. Check the sellers reputation (for sites like Ebay) and stick to companies that have at least ten items sold and have generated positive feedback. Never pay outside the auction system, as there is literally nothing you can do to dispute wire transfers or Western Union payment.

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