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Coleman Pop Up Campers – The Features Of An RV In A Lightweight Design

fleetwood coleman pop-up campers and trailers.
Pop up campers are folding trailers, lightweight RV units with collapsible sides that allow for easy towing and storage. Pop up campers can be towed by many vehicles because of their lightweight design. Pop-up campers are easier to drive than RVs, easier to store, and can be parked in conventional parking lots. Coleman produces some of the most popular pop up trailers and campers in the world and have fairly recently become affiliated with Fleetwood trailers, in a 1989 merger.

The Coleman Highlander Series, Luxurious Pop Up Campers and Trailers

Coleman pop up campers come in different models, capable of fitting many customer budgets. The Highlander series is the most luxurious pop up camper, with individual models of Niagara, Sequoia, Arcadia, Avalon and Saratoga. Some Highlanders measure over 26 feet in length and contain many amenities primarily associated with full RVs, such as counter space, refrigerators and stoves, microwaves and a full bathroom with shower.

The Affordable Fleetwood/Coleman Americana, Evolution, Scorpion and Destiney Series

Other series by Coleman and Fleetwood include the Americana line, which is a top selling pop up camper at a more affordable price, the Evolution series, which handles rougher terrain on the road, the Scorpion S1 model which allows owners to carry motorcycles and quad runners, and the Destiny Series for intermediate amenities and reasonable prices.

Fleetwood and Coleman Customer Satisfaction

Fleetwood/Coleman rates high on customer satisfaction in terms of manufacturing and design quality. Their special attention to detail, in warranty and coverage (lifetime warranty on frame and lift, 25 years of floor and bed, 5 years on roof assembly and tent), in quality and safety features with a posi-lock lift system and heavy duty leaf spring suspension, along with comfortable amenities like refrigerators, bathrooms and beds, make Coleman pop up campers arguably the best product in the industry.

Competing companies like Viking, Chalet and Jayco, while they produce similar pop up campers in design, lack the special features that Coleman's Highlander series is famous for. For RV features in a lightweight design Coleman and Fleetwood is your best buy.

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