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How Are Tent Trailers, Pop Up Trailers and RVs Different?

pop up trailers and tent trailers.
What are the differences between tent trailers, pop up trailers and RVs? Pop up trailers and tent trailers are the same thing – these are folding trailers (also called folding campers) that have collapsible walls so that the entire camper can neatly fold up for travel. This makes the design lightweight and small, which allows for easier transportation in driving, parking and towing. A lightweight tent trailer could even be pulled by an adequately powerful car.

However, tent trailers and pop up trailers designed by big name manufacturers, such as Coleman Tent Trailers (merged with Fleetwood), include more than just a small tent in their units. Some of these pop up trailers offer bathrooms with toilets and showers as well as small kitchens, 1 or 2 bedrooms and dining areas.

Tent, Folding, Camper and Lightweight Trailers

All folding campers are pop up trailers, in that they are lightweight and tent-like in their design. Other RVs that might be grouped together with folding campers include truck campers, which are not pop ups, but camper shells that are affixed to the bed of a pickup truck, and travel trailers which are lightweight towable trailers but have no collapsible walls. Hybrid trailers may also be offered by some manufacturers, which combine the technology of travel trailers (solid walls and frames) with the folding features of pop up trailers, which are comparable to a tent.

Coleman Tent Trailers

Where can you find Coleman tent trailers? There is no right answer, except that RVs are available from many sources and only the most diligent shoppers will find a bargain. Some major RV dealers charge the suggested retail price of their new RVs or more, while other independent RV dealers might give you a good deal and sell a unit near wholesale cost. If you prefer to only deal with human salespersons, then find an RV dealer that works with Coleman trailers through the Coleman/Fleetwood company website. (Coleman.com under Coleman and Find A Dealer).

Sometimes doing your business online and eliminating the professional sales transactions can save you more money. RVs are listed for sale in local newspapers and buyer's guides, as well as online through classified ads websites like RV Trader and Ebay Motors. It is best to drive down and inspect the tent traveling unit before you buy it. It's typically expected by the buyer and your right as an RV enthusiast.

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