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Latest Articles

Coleman Pop Up Campers and Trailers

Pop up campers are folding trailers, lightweight RV units with collapsible sides that allow for easy towing and storage.

Coleman Tent Trailer Reviews

Tent trailers, or pop up trailers, are small and lightweight recreation vehicles. Because the walls collapse (usually made from canvas or fiberglass) this makes the unit much easier to store, to tow and to park.

Tent Trailers, Pop Ups and RVs

What are the differences between tent trailers, pop up trailers and RVs? Pop up trailers and tent trailers are the same thing.

Buying Used Coleman Tent Trailers

Coleman manufactures several lines of tent trailers for different consumer needs and budgets. Included in these are the Americana Series with the Coleman Santa Fe and Cheyenne models. The Americana Series is intermediately priced and includes special amenities like a swing-level galley and a stepper door. The Coleman-Fleetwood Mesa model is another good buy, particularly for used tent trailers.

Save Big $$ At the Pump When You Use Your Credit Card

Increasing fuel prices have yet to put the brakes on the sale and use of gas-guzzling recreational vehicles, especially for true RV enthusiasts. According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, RV shipments peaked at 370,000 units in 2004, the highest since 1978 and 15.4 percent higher than the 321,000 units sold the year before.

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