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Honda RV Generator – The Right Fit for Your Rugged RV Lifestyle

Honda RV Generator.Whether you own a Recreational Vehicle or intend to buy one, you will need a reliable source of power. Honda offers a complete line of generators, including RV generators. Honda RV generators have earned global recognition for dependability, easy usability and ruggedness to meet all the demands of your motorcoach. Compact, fuel efficient Honda Digital Portable generators provide smooth, clean power to your RVs. They meet all EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resource Board) standards. Honda has engineered exceptionally quiet generators for RVs.

Honda RV Generators- Reliable Power Partners
Whichever RV you possess, a fifth wheel trailer, a class A or a class C motorhome, or any other mobile vehicle, they all need a source of reliable electric power. Honda generators for provide you with this reliability. After all, you would not like to be caught with the failure of essential power out in the boondocks.

Before you buy the RV generator from Honda, you need to decide on a few things:

  • Do you need an electric start? Honda generators are known for their ease of starting.
  • Though both the models of Honda RV generators are small and compact, do you need wheel kit for easy movement?
  • Calculate how much power do you need for your RV. This will enable you to decide which model to select.

RV generators, from Honda, are designed to provide reliable power when you are out in the vast outback. Designed to fit standard RV configurations, the quiet and stable generator is your great companion in the outdoor expanse.

Honda EV4010 RV Generator.The EV4010 RV generator from Honda has a 12.2 HP, twin cylinder, OHC 4 stroke, and liquid cooled engine. It has a dry weight of 202 lbs, fuel consumption rate of 0.66 gallons per hour. It has a noise level of 67dB. Some of the other features of EV4010 are:

  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Fitted with temperature alert and Oil Alert®
  • Accessible maintenance points
  • 2 year residential and I year commercial warranty
  • Optional features are: Engine hour meter and remote starter

Honda RV Generator Deluxe Remote Start.The EV6010 RV generator also has a 12.2 HP, twin cylinder, OHC 4 stroke, and liquid cooled engine. With a dry weight of 216 lbs, its fuel consumption rate is 0.84 gallons per hour. It too has a noise level of 67dB. The EV6010 has all the features and options of the Honda EV4010 RV generator.

Honda does not allow Internet sales of its RV generators. You will need to contact its authorized dealers. Still, you will find many offers of Honda RV generators on the net. You need to be cautious of the Honda RV generator pricing on such sites. The price they offer may look very attractive. Usually, they quote a price and charge separately for ‘back, left and right’ mufflers at $200 a piece! Similarly, for Honda RV generator parts, you need to approach the authorized dealers, to ensure quality and price.

Like most RV-ers, consider your options and go for the Honda RV generator model most suitable for your needs. Honda RV generators are equal to all the demands of your RV.

Check out our recommended resources for attractive deals and offers on these and many other models of Honda RV Generators.

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