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The Washer Dryer Combo - Everything You Need In One Unit

When on the move, RVers need to have all essential equipment they require. A Washer Dryer Combo is one such item. Before the advent of washers and dryers, RV-ers hung their washing out to dry at campsites and RV parks. Though hung-out washing lent a homely atmosphere, this option is now outdated. Washer dryer combo manufacturers have come out with Brands apt for your RV with all its constraint of space.

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Haier Washer Dryer Combo
The 24" Haier Washer/Dryer Combo, XQG65-11SU and XQG50-11 are versatile Front-Loading Space Saving Energy Efficient washer/dryer combos, doing the job of two and occupying less than the space of one. This is ideal for RVs simply for its space saving feature.

Other features include: Detergent and Fabric Softener Dispenser, Water-Saving Rinse Option, Spin Cycle On/Off Option, Dual Dryer Temperature Settings, among others.

Supra Washer Dryer Combo
The new Supra SW5L70D has digital controls. It has the fastest dry time available from a ventless washer dryer combination. It features a 12.1-pound capacity, an internal water heater, a delay start option, and more.

RV-ers love this piece of equipment simply for its fast drying with substantially less wrinkles. A kit is available to make your Supra Washer Dryer Combo portable. Simply exchange the castors with the leveling legs.

Asko Washer Dryer
If you have dreamt of a washer dryer for your RV with in-home capabilities, the Asko WCAM1812 and WCAM1812W are the answer. They have a number of features packed into their space-saving sizes.

They come with three spin speeds: Normal at 1200 rpm, Perma Press at 800 rpm and for delicates at 550 rpm. Average water consumption is 20 gallons.

White LG Direct Drive Washer Dryer Combo
LG model WM3431HW brings the most advanced and improved features to the washer dryer appliance market. It is Energy Star rated for energy saving and is very water efficient.

The all-in-one LG WM3431HS is suitable for RVs with its vent-less condensing unlike the external venting source, which conventional dryers require. Vent less condensing dries from within the drum so the water that is extracted from the clothes drains through the drum and out the water pump. This model is fitting for RVs, where space is at a minimum. Its Delay Start feature allows convenient completion of laundry to fit your schedule. It also has a safety Child Lock feature.

Whirlpool Washer/Dryer Combo
Whirlpool’s LTE5243D Electric model with 1.5 cu ft washer capacity has 5 automatic cycles, and 2 Wash/Spin Speeds. This top-loading model has rotary controls with 4 temperature settings.

Whirlpool’s LTG6234D is a Gas model. It has rotary controls with extra large capacity. It has a Washer Capacity of 2.5 Cu Ft and Dryer Capacity of 5.9 Cu Ft. This top-loading model is ideal for RVs especially when you are in a RV park where hook up facilities are not available.

Similarly, there are many other washer dryer combos available, such as Equator washer dryer combos, Kenmore washer dryer combos, and Maytag washer dryer combos. Depending on your requirements and budget, all these washer dryer combos are a plus for your RV.

Check out our recommended resources below for great deals and offers on these and many other models of washer dryer combo for your RV.

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