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Luxury RV – For The Ultimate Experience in Camping

It used to be that camping included sleeping on hard, uneven, rocky ground in tents. Times changed and brought in recreational vehicles, houses on wheels. RV-ers ‘rough’ it in motor homes, travel trailers, or other motorcoaches. These homes on wheels typically include stoves, ovens, refrigerators, showers, toilets, beds, heaters, 12-volt electrical power and much more.

Some have lounges, air conditioners, bathtubs, microwave ovens, color televisions and generators for extra power. Manufacturers of these vehicles have further pushed the envelope by introducing luxury RVs. A typcial rig might range from $25,000 to $250,000. Luxury RVs are usually priced from $200,000, to the most expensive motor home, at $1 million!

Luxury RV Sales
Interior of a luxury RV.Despite a sluggish economy, the recreational vehicle industry is a $12 billion per year industry, and growing. The fastest is the luxury RV segment, sales have increased by 120 times since 1991. Celebrities from the film industry, such as Will Smith and Justin Timberlake have also embraced the recreational vehicle lifestyle. The high end RV market is going places and many excited travelers are jumping aboard.

Luxury house trailers have features, which would be a matter of envy even in a traditional home. If camping on queen-sized waterbeds with heated mattresses, plasma TVs and multiple phone lines is not indulgence, then what is? Once, extras in RV parks meant a billiard table and a swimming pool. Today, these destinations offer Jacuzzis, tennis, Olympic-size swimming pools, yoga classes, and recreation centers with a stage for live entertainment. No wonder these seasoned travelers have progressed from normal, expensive RVs to luxury RV coaches, luxury fifth wheel RVs, and high end RVs.

Whether you buy a preowned luxury RV or opt for one of the brand new RV luxury liners, you won't regret your decision to move up into the high end world of luxury on the road.

Luxury by Design RVs
Luxury By Design RVs.Discovery, from Tom Raper Inc., has been judged the best-selling diesel motorhome RV. Its 2005 model features, two TV sets, a swivel recliner, a leather love seat, a computer workplace and a fireplace. The most extravagant Luxury by Design RVs boast of features, such as French doors, granite counters, marble floors, gold-plated faucets, power curtains and shades, seats with built-in heat and massage, sunken dens, and even wine cellars and freezers. Slide-outs--moving walls--expand the living space!

Opulent Fifth Wheel RVs
The Titan 391 Luxurious Fifth Wheel RV.The Titan 391 is a large exorbitant fifth wheel RV, with an overall length of just about 40 feet. Its comfortable features include a bedroom suite with an island queen bed, shirt wardrobes and a row of overhead cabinets. A full-height wardrobe provides additional clothing-storage space, and a TV cabinet for entertainment.

This vehicle features a bathroom with corner tub/shower; vanity, and enclosed toilet room separated by privacy doors from the bedroom. The fully equipped kitchen can be upgraded through the option process. The living room, dinette and kitchen, are all in one large area.

Club for Extravagant RV Coach Owners
With luxury RV coaches available, could a club be far behind? Crown Club, the only club of its kind in North America, provides exclusive membership and amenities to luxury RV Coach Owners.

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