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June Money Savers - RV Levelers on Sale

iconI found another great deal for us:
Sale on RV Leveling Blocks for Any Leveling Situation icon Leveling your RV was just made easier with these leveling blocks that work for any situation. Customize to the height you need by stacking the interlocking blocks together. These are great.icon No more fumbling around with blocks late at night (that's when we typically arrive at our destination). These babies are yellow so I'll be able to see them! They also come in a nice little carrying case and seem to be pretty strong, as well. They work just fine for my big Class A RV.

May Money Savers - Stackable Washer Dryer

icon I had a request from one of our members recently for a120-volt stackable washer and dryer from Splendide. I wanted to share this with her and everyone else because I found a great bargain on this one. This one looks pretty stylish and like it has a very large opening, which we all know is a great thing for these little RV stackables.
What a Splendide deal! Splendide Stackable RV Washer and Dryer icon icon


April Money Savers - RV Cover on Sale

iconicon I often think about what I can do to keep my RV's resale value high. I take care of it with routine maintenance, starting it up and driving it once per week during winter storage, and having it serviced by the dealer a few times a year. Lately, sitting in my driveway, I have had to wash the bird poop off to keep the paint looking nice. I got tired of doing this so I figured I would go down to my local camping and RV store to get a cover and Icouldn't believe what I saw. Now, I'm no cheapskate and I certainly had the money, but I was not prepared to drop $500 for an RV cover. There weren't any decent ones below $500. I knew I had to have a Dupont Tyvek® RV over because that stuff breathes, which helps prevent mold and mildew under there. I also knew I only wanted to pay about $250. I left dismayed, but decided to see what I could find online. My mood once again perked up because I found a great deal on this great cover made from Dupont Tyvek® RV. I bought and I love it. It looks great and it was on sale. And, it's still on sale so hurry up and snatch it up before its no longer on sale. Here's the link:

Get the RV Cover that protects against moisture, UV, dirt, bird droppings, and all critical roof areas . Get it today! This is limited time offer from Camping World!

March Money Savers - Senior Moments Game

iconicon You're never too young to have a senior moment. In fact, sitting around the campfire after a long and fulfilling day of tending to camp duties, playing shuffle board, and eating whatever you want, whenever you want, you are entitled to have them. Test your memory with this extermely popular board game that campers have come to know and love.

Get the Game That's Popular with Campers and RVers Alike! The 'Senior Moments' Memory Game is in Stock and On Sale Now! icon Save up to as much as $5 if you're a Camping World club member or about $3 if you're not. Get it today! This is limited time offer from Camping World!


February Money Savers - Trail Maps


January Money Savers - Outdoor Recliner and Free Chair

icon icon Don't get caught sitting in that 10-year-old ugly, uncomfortable camping chair that you've been meaning to throw away for 3 seasons now. Get a chair that's comfortable and looks great- one that you can be proud of.

You can choose to spend your RV camping season with a sore behind if you want, but we suggest you check out this Cascade Collection Hawaiian Recliner and FREE Chair icon

A great bargain for the recliner alone, you get 2 really great chairs for the price of one! Click on the link above to redeem this offer and make this RV season a memorable one.


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