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Build Your Own 4 Seater Sand Rail

Sand rails are constantly gaining popularity as more and more people find how much fun it is to drive free out on the sand dunes. Though many folks just rent their sand rails for a few hours, other people decide to buy their own vehicle so that they can go for off road adventures as often as possible. Other enthusiasts take it a step farther and actually build their own 4 seater sand rail. If you want to construct a buggy that you and your friends or family can enjoy, where will you find the materials and plans?

You can find 4 seater dune buggy kits online that come with all the parts you will need to build your own vehicle. That includes the frame, the seats, the lights, and many other important parts. Some even come with the engine. If you prefer to choose the individual parts yourself, you can also find 4 seater sand rail kits that only come with the frame. Remember, if you want to take your buggy on the streets, you will need to get a street legal kit.

One factor to consider before ordering a do-it-yourself kit is the cost of shipping. Disassembled kits that you have to weld together yourself will be less expensive to ship, but you will have to hire a welder if you do not have welding equipment or experience. Make sure to take these costs into consideration before placing your order.

Another consideration with a 4 seater sand rail is the amount of headroom and legroom each passenger will have. You want to be comfortable so that you enjoy the thrill of an off road ride. When you select the frame and seats, make sure that each rider can fit comfortably. Do not forget to get safety harnesses for each seat as well so that you will be safe in the unlikely case of an accident.
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