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How Are Buggy Sand Rail Cars Designed?

Buggy sand rail cars can travel easily and safely over harsh terrain where most vehicles would get stuck. That makes them ideal for driving off road, even over sand dunes. And, despite the fact that most sand rail buggy cars are used exclusively off road, many people have made their cars street legal as well. What unique elements of their design allows for such versatility and performance?

Sand rail buggies are made to be extremely lightweight and to have a low center of gravity. Their chassis is usually made as a tubular space frame with a roll cage. These are open vehicles that do not have doors, fenders, or side panels. Their design makes them very different from other off road vehicles that are top heavy and would not be able to handle over sand dunes.

Buggy sand rail design places the motor in the middle or back of the vehicle. This helps with weight distribution and prevents the vehicle from being too heavy in the front to handle over dunes and hills. Most modern engines are water cooled and use computerized systems to improve the cars total suspension and steering control.

Sand rail buggies have specialized tires that will not get buried or stuck in the sand. Their wheelbases are usually much wider than regular cars, resulting in a lowered center of gravity. The front tires are often thinner so that they can grip the sand while making tight turns. Rear tires tend to be bigger and use rubber paddles to improve handling on loose sand.

Safety is an important concern while driving a buggy sand rail. Besides their strong roll cages, vehicles also come with seat belts. Many drivers are opting to use helmets as well to increase safety while enjoying an off road adventure.
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