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Hayabusa Sand Rail Using A Motorcycle Engine

The Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle was first introduced in 1999 and has been popular ever since. It is often referred to as a “jixer”, which is an abbreviation of its series number, GSX1300R. The motor’s name, Hayabusa, means peregrine falcon in Japanese and the motor earns that name with its lightweight design and super fast capabilities. The combination of power and lightweight design in these motors was quick to catch the attention of sand rail designers who want to create a Hayabusa sand rail and take advantage of the sport bike engine out on the dunes.

The GSX is the world’s fastest production motorcycle, so a Hayabusa sand rail is one of the fastest kinds of sand rail you can ride off road. All that power, however, means that increased safety is necessary in buggies using these power sources. The vehicle that uses a Hayabusa sand rail motor also needs to be built with high quality parts that complement the incredible engine. The frame, shocks, breaks, and transmission all have to be of the highest quality in order to get the most benefit out of the motor.

If you are interested in putting a Hayabusa sand rail engine in your buggy, you will need to contact a custom sand rail shop for help installing it. Some custom shops offer special vehicles that they have created that incorporate the Hayabusa motor. These top quality vehicles are some of the finest off road cars you can find anywhere, but that quality brings a substantial price tag. Still, it is well worth it if you are a sand rail enthusiast dreaming of the ultimate ride at high speeds.
A Hayabusa sand rail can be yours if you contact a skilled custom shop. Online forums and sand rails related websites can lead you to skilled mechanics that can help you plan your sand rail using the powerful motorcycle engine.

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