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New Advances in Modern Long Travel Sand Rail Cars

Off road racing is gaining more and more popularity and that has led to recent advances in the design of sand car motors and suspension systems. Wheels on long travel sand rail vehicles are now much stronger and can last longer. Suspension is tougher and better equipped to handle travel over sand and rough terrain. Different manufacturers and designers have taken distinct approaches as they develop new technology for sand rails. Consider a few of the recent advances that have improved the quality, handling, and durability of these exciting vehicles.

In most situations, the best way to get improved handling with a long travel sand car is to lower the center of gravity. A design with a low, wide wheel base will help create this. Of course, there are tons of different ways to make a low center of gravity and each manufacturer has their own unique style of doing so. If you are looking for a vehicle, compare several designs and test-drive them to get an idea of which you prefer.

When you are out on the dunes in a long travel sand vehicle, you need to be able to handle turns with agility. After all, making a car go straight ahead is not all that difficult; neither is designing a vehicle that will handle whoop-de-doos and other dunes well while traveling in a straight line. But taking to the dunes is about turning and sliding, so designs need to take that into consideration.

Today’s long travel sand rail vehicles are made to be great at handling turns out on the dunes. They combine a low center of gravity with a shorter wheelbase, creating a nice combination of two critical design elements.

Of course, there are many other features to consider when putting together a new sand rail. Analyzing your options and choosing a great body with the right style wheelbase, a powerful motor, and all the safety features you need will help you enjoy your time out on the dunes.

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