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Picking Sand Rail Frames for Your New Vehicle

After riding with a friend in a sand rail or renting one on a vacation, many people come away with the experience wishing they had their very own. Fortunately, it is not hard to get your hands on a personal sand rail that you can take off road and enjoy. The first major decision you have to make, however, is whether you will construct your buggy yourself, have a local shop construct it, or purchase a turn key car. In any case, you will have to select several parts for the vehicle, including sand rail frames.

Before you can select your dune buggy frames, you will need to decide what size vehicle you want to build. Many people enjoy the freedom and independence of a one-seater mini sand rail. These are not ideal, however, if you want to take friends and family members along with you as you hit the desert trails. And if you will be making your buggy street legal, make sure you get a frame that will work with a sand rail body kit too.

Most people will want either two-seater or four-seater sand rail frames. These come in many different styles, so you will need to compare your options with several manufacturers before deciding which one you want to purchase. Make sure you select one with a strong, sturdy frame that will protect you in the unlikely event of an accident. It would also be wise to check the measurements and ensure that you will be comfortable with the amount of legroom and headroom the frame affords you.

The price of the sand rail frame you want is also a matter you will need to think about. Remember, the cheapest frame is not necessarily the best deal as it may be made from lower quality materials. Choosing a good frame takes time and effort including research into the manufacturer’s reputation and history.
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