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How to Make Your Sand Rail Street Legal

Many people enjoy running their sand rails over dunes and rough terrain on off road trails around the country. But many folks are also interested in taking these exciting vehicles on the road. Of course, one of the first questions that comes up is: How can I make my sand rail street legal?

It is important that you understand the laws affecting sand rails. This will allow you to avoid problems with the law and possible tickets or fines because of law enforcement officials finding you on the open road without a legally acceptable vehicle.

The minimum requirements that any state will require are basically the same. You need to register the vehicle and get a title and license plate. You also need all the necessary lights, including headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals. To comply with safety regulations, make sure you have seat belts installed and carry at least the minimum required sand rail insurance on the vehicle.

Keep in mind that sand rail street legal laws are different in each state. For example, some stays have height restrictions for headlights and tail lights. Others require that your buggy have fenders. If you have any doubts about whether or not your state will permit you to use your sand rail on public roads, you should contact the DMV and discuss the matter directly with them. They will be happy to explain all the details of how to make your vehicle street legal. This is a more sure way of bringing it up to code than simply getting advice from other enthusiasts who may or may not fully understand the applicable laws.

Even though it may seem like a hassle, it is always best to make your sand rail street legal instead of just taking a chance on the road. You will be able to enjoy your buggy without the constant anxiety of being stopped by police officers.

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