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Tips for Making A Street Legal Sand Rail

Sand rails have become popular, especially in the desert areas of the southwest, because of the excitement they offer drivers and passengers. There is no other off road vehicle that can mimic the thrill of a sand rail. As more and more people start getting interested in buggies, folks also start wanting to find ways to make their sand rail street legal. If you would like to take your off road vehicle back to the streets, how can you make the necessary adjustments so that you do not run into problems with the police?

For starters, you will definitely need to get your street legal dune buggy registered with your local Department of Motor Vehicles. This is generally an easy process, and it is also essential to other necessary parts of the legalizing process. Once you have your license plate and tags, make sure to display them in a clear place so that there is no confusion with local authorities.

Having all of the proper lights on your street legal sand rail is also very important. Most states require that you have front and rear headlights, plus brake lights and turn signals. In certain areas the law also dictates the specific height of your lights. If you are at all unsure of the legal requirements in your state, make sure to ask when you visit the DMV to get your sand rail street legal tags.

Seat belts, which are not always used by off road drivers, are a must on the streets. To make your dune buggy street legal, you will need to get safety harnesses that are approved by the DMV. Many retailers feature legal safety belts that, when installed correctly, will not present any problem for you with the traffic police in your area.

Of course, every state has differing laws, so be sure to confirm that your sand rail is street legal with the local DMV before taking it on road.

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