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Keep Your RV Air Conditioner Working As Long As Possible With These Tips!

Before summer approaches, you should check your RV Air Conditioner for proper functioning. Be sure to change or wash the filter in your unit. If it has a washable, reusable foam filter, then remove it and wash it, allowing it to air dry before reinstalling.

If the filter is badly damaged, or if its reuse is not possible, replace it with the correct filter. It is a good idea to check and change or clean your air conditioner filter at least once before summer or more often if you use your motor coach frequently in dusty locations.

After the filter, inspect the condition of the condenser fins. Carefully straighten fins that might have crushed due to any reason so that air can circulate through them. Gently remove leaves or other debris that might be lodged in the condenser fins.

If the Air Conditioner’s shroud does not have a built-in shield to protect the condenser fins from crushing, you may add a simple bolt-on grille. Also be aware of your rv air conditioner battery life - many units contain batteries, you will want to keep some extra on hand! These features are available with Duo-Therm and Coleman air conditioners making them preferable RV Air Conditioners.

Duo-Therm RV Air Conditioners - Runs on AC Power
Duo-Therm RV rooftop Air Conditioner. Duo-Therm RV rooftop Air Conditioners were introduced first by Duo-Therm 38 years ago. Duo-Therm has always led the field with new ideas to serve the changing needs of recreational vehicle owners. The most cherished feature is that the Duo-Therm Heat Pumps operate entirely on 120-volt AC electricity, so no gas supply to worry about. This has made the life of RV dwellers pleasurable even in summers.

Coleman Air Conditioner for RV – For Ultimate Cooling
Coleman RV Air Cooler.There is nothing more powerful than the Coleman Mach 15 unit, an ultimate Air Conditioner for Recreational Vehicles. It offers the highest cooling output. It is specially designed to produce the higher air flows needed for today’s ducted cooling systems. Weighing only 110 lbs, it is highly suitable for motor coaches. This unit operates on 110 Volts AC power. There are 2 Speed fans for flexible control of airflow. And above all 2 Years parts and Labor warranty.

Carry On With Your Old RV A/C
If you want continue with your used Air Conditioner, then inspect the condition of your air conditioner shroud and its anchoring system. If your shroud is badly oxidized, fragile or has chunks, replace it now. If it is loose or cracked or broken in the area of the mounting bolts, definitely replace it, since it could pull free of its anchors and fly off the top of your RV as you roll down the road, causing an accident.

Turn your RV’s cooler on and test it before you leave for a warm-weather trip. Make sure the fan and temperature controls work properly. Always make sure you have sufficient power available to operate the unit (including an extra rv air conditioner battery).

Review our recommended resources for attractive deals and offers on these and many other models of RV air conditioners.

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