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Your Recreational Vehicle is your second home. You can park it by a meadow, a river, or by the beach. It is a 'limousine' of sorts that can provide all the comforts of your home. An RV can accommodate all kinds of gadgets and you can take your family on a long vacation or a short road trip.

If you attach an awning to the RV then you have protection from sun, rain, hail, etc. anytime - anywhere.

Types of RV Awnings
There are, basically, two types of RV awnings. The first type of awning can be rolled up, and the other can stay open with the awning fabric and roller tube exposed. The most popular amongst owners of recreational vehicles is the conventional type and this is because it not as expensive when compared to the other types.

Now here’s an important piece of information for all you guys who want to enjoy the glimpse of a tornado. Conventional awnings do not fit directly against the recreational vehicle’s sidewall, so it might be potentially dangerous on a stormy day or if that tornado actually pays you a visit. (If you do need a new canopy after a storm or mishap, Faulkner RV Replacement Awnings are a popular choice.) Awnings for your RV provide you with the same benefits as the home awnings. The benefit is that they add that extra bit of elegance and utility to your vehicle.

RV Canopy.Awnings are a must-have accessory for your recreational vehicle. Imagine you and your family, sitting under your next to your motorhome or travel trailer under the cover of your awning or canopy and digging your teeth into a well-cooked dinner. Even if it starts to drizzle, you really do not have to worry; you can enjoy the pitter patter of rain falling down from the sky.

Most covers, canopies, sunshades, etc. come in a variety of styles, colors and functions. You can find conventional sunshades, retractable canopies, modern, sleek designs and many other varieties. Each model has its own advantage and charm. On a hot day at the beach, you can open up the retractable sunshade attached to your recreational vehicle to provide shade. Retractable sunshades are equipped with levers that will allow you to manually adjust the pitch and the depth of the cover. It can be retracted completely or you can choose to open it partially depending on your requirement. Many retractable awnings can actually be electrically controlled, as well.

Various Awnings
RV Awnings.Another popular shade accessory is a canvas awning, which are available in a virtuallly unlimited array of style and colors. Some of the trendy or in-fashion styles include traditional, semi-circular, waterfall, and gable walker. The best part is that the RV canvas awnings also come with a special acrylic protective coating, which can be very useful in dealing with rough weather conditions. Most companies provide a 5-year warranty on canvas awnings. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your awning, park your RV on the Pacific Coast Highway, and spend a lazy afternoon by the beach!

Check out our recommended resources for attractive deals and offers on these and many other models of RV Awnings. There are even resources to help you learn how to make a camper awning.

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