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All About RV Battery Chargers

Battery Limitations
The battery (or batteries) supply your RV with 12 volt DC electrical power to operate the lights, water pump, furnace and other appliances. They should be viewed as a storage tank for electricity and as such they have certain limitations.

RV Battery Capacity
The capacity of the battery relates to the amount of electrical power that the battery can store and that capacity will determine how long your lights will burn and how long your furnace will operate, before the RV battery will need to be recharged.

You can increase the storage capacity of your battery by installing a larger size or by installing multiple batteries, depending on your camping requirements.

RV Battery Charger. Your Travel Habits
If you typically travel from RV park to RV park, where hookups are available, then one battery will likely be sufficient. However, if you "dry camp" at remote locations for more than a day or two, you will need more storage and some way to refill that storeage capacity.

Recharge Your Battery ASAP - How To Use A Battery Charger
Deep cycle batteries (or any battery, for that matter), should be recharged as soon as possible for longer service life. A deeply discharged battery should be slow charged over a long period of time, say at 2 amps for 72 hours or more to avoid excessive heat in the battery.

Leaving Your Battery on the Battery Charger
If you leave your battery on a charger, either the one built into the converter or a separate charger, for long periods of time, make sure charger voltage is between 13.25 and 13.75 volts. Anything above 14V will overcharge the battery and "boil" off a lot of the battery water. Also be sure that your RV battery charge line is not kinked or coiled. An RV trickle battery charger may work better for some battery types. Review your manufacturers paperwork to learn more.

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