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RV Gas Ranges

Drop-in two- and three-burner or slide-in three-burner RV Cooktops and Gas Ranges can add compact, high-efficiency cooking performance to your motor home, travel trailer, van or larger camper. Cook tops meet most manufacturer and installer size requirements.

Typical RV Gas Range and Cooktop Features:
* Drop-in two-burner models typically feature 6,500-BTUH burners with front center controls. Drop-in three burner models typically feature a 6,500-BTUH burner in front and two 5,200-BTUH burners in back with front right controls. Slide-in, three burner piezo RV cooktops often have a 9,000 Btu/h high output front and two 6500 Btu/h rear burners.

* The Drop-in models feature match-light top burners while the three-burner slide-in models have piezo igniters.

* Sturdy and easy-to-clean grates are important! One-piece, rattle-free grates made of sturdy, heavy-gauge, porcelain-enameled steel are a great choice. Make sure the grates remove easily for cleaning.

Gaggenau 12" Gas Cooktop

The VG 232 gas cooktop is unusual and unusually practical.

The top quality of this 11 5/16 inch wide all-gas appliance, which can run on natural gas, liquid gas or city gas, is also manifested in the details: the enameled pan supports, the low-level stainless steel burner backing plates which protect against overflow problems.

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