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Out in the wilderness, RV-ers are not able to access hookup facilities, or may end up in recreational vehicle parks that do not have hook up facilities. In such cases, RV generators are a great source of comfort.

You can have all your electrical appliances working without a worry. Many travelers have experienced the hard way that only RV generators - whether they are new, used RV generators, or portable RV generators - are reliable power options.

RV class generators are specially built. They have around three times the horse power (HP) of ordinary models. They run at a comparatively lower speed of 1800rpm. This enables the sound to be muffled. They are built for many hours of continuous usage. Even portable RV generators have engines that are less noisy. The standard sound rating for these essential pieces of equipment is 55 decibel (db) at 20 feet.

Tips For Selecting Your RV Power Plant
When purchasing one of these units, ensure the height of the equipment does not stick past its bed rails. Running the apparatus on the bed of the truck usually amplifies the sound. Mounting it on the sound-absorbing thick rubber pads would reduce noise level. Another way would be to supplement the motor’s muffler with any large muffler or an automobile muffler. There would be a greater comfort level by doing both. Be sure to get a reliable Killowatt RV Generator Meter.

These items are more expensive than normal generators. For this reason, some RV'ers use average portable generators. However, you have to place these items some distance away to avoid the loud noise. Unless you have the largest portable generator on the market, you will not be able to use your RV Air Conditioner. Unloading and loading the powerhouse, plus a sizable length of heavy gauge extension cords long enough to reach your RV, are some of the other drawbacks of portable generators. You have to walk up to the equipment every time you wish to start or stop it. There is a possibility of theft. If you intend to purchase a portable generator, go for one made for recreational vehicles.

Used RV Generators
RV 4000 Generator. Those who find the prices of new units to be expensive, can opt for a used RV generator. The number and variety of options on the market available is tremendous. You can select the one that meets both your requirements and your budget.

As you research purchasing a used model, be cautious. What you read in the ads is not always 100% reliable. It is always advisable to physically check the unit before putting your money on the table. Check the features of the equipment, the number of hours it has run, and whether accessories are included. If required, get the unit checked by an experienced mechanic. You must be careful you do not end up spending a load on repairing, later on. RV 4000 Generators are popular models. Don't forget, a Killawatt RV Generator Meter will be a useful accessory.

Explore all other avenues. There may be sellers who will let you trade in your existing generator for the one you wish to buy.

Check out our recommended resources for attractive deals and offers on RV generators, as well as on the common question: how does an rv generator work?

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