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Your refrigerator sucks the life out of your battery too quickly: Some refrigerators have a “high humidity” switch, or equivalent, usually located in the freezer door frame and attached to a small heater element. It controls the humidity that may collect around the door opening during very high humidity situations. This circuit draws about 6 amps and will drain a battery in less than 12 hours. There’s an easy solution to this. Flip the switch to the “off” position when you’re running the refrigerator on battery power.

More reasons your refrigerator might not stay cool: You may notice that your refrigerator isn’t staying cool. Check the absorber, as mentioned above. Is it cool, and the boiler section hot?

RV Refrigerator Tips, Common Problems and Solutions. If the boiler section is really hot, you’ve probably got a blockage that’s typically caused by running the refrigerator when it’s not level. Oops. Try tipping the refrigerator upside down to dislodge the particles. This might help… for awhile. You’ve basically got two choices – replace the cooling unit, or replace the whole refrigerator.

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