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Recreational Vehicle Sales – Selling You a Life of Leisure

To live and enjoy your life as an RV’er, and in the style that suits you, you need a Recreational Vehicle. There are a wide variety of recreational vehicles with an even wider selection of options.

You first have to determine the type of RV that suits you and is within your budget. The type you select may have variety of models with wide range of price options. There are many places you can make your RV purchase, from RV Sales in Morehead City NC to RV Sales in Washington State - there are a number of dealers across the country.

Plan Your RV Purchase
Decide on the type of RV you wish to buy. In addition to the budget, you need to consider:

  • The size of the RV. How many people will usually occupy the vehicle on your trips?
  • What type of living and sleeping accommodations, storage areas you require?
  • Do you need an RV with air conditioning or not?
  • Which RV do you prefer – towed or self-propelled? Both these categories have various models and each has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Do you want an RV with self-contained utility systems or the one that will require hookups?

We suggest visiting campsites near you and talking to owners of RVs. They can tell you what they like or do not like about specific models. A visit to an RV show will expose you to a wide range of models and you can pick up a lot of information by talking to dealers.

RV Financing
Consider how you intend to buy your RV. Will you be paying cash or taking out a loan? Financing an RV is not a complicated process and there are models to fit your budget.

RV Sales.Dealers, trying to make RV sales, can put you in touch with financial companies or banks with which they have been doing business. Another option is to approach your own bank. You can select the source that offers you the most attractive terms.

Most RV loans are simple interest loans for 20 years. The period of loan will depend on your plans. If you intend to trade the vehicle, or you are planning on buying a larger rig in the near future, look into short term financing. Some lenders offer deferred payment or ‘No Money Down’ programs. You can negotiate credit, life insurance and extended warranties, no fees, and no prepayment penalties for paying the unit off early, etc.

Credit approval and interest rates are dependent upon:

  • Your credit history
  • Adequate down payment, if you do not qualify for a zero-down plan
  • Your ability to make payments
  • Proof of income

Insuring your RV
There are many differences between the insurance offered by standard automobile insurance carriers and that by specialty RV insurance companies. Typically, standard automobile policies do not cover the cost of a comparable new RV if the vehicle is stolen or destroyed. First time RV buyers need to know that only specialty RV insurance companies provide Total Loss Replacement Coverage. Along with maximum protection from physical damage or theft, it also protects against depreciation of the actual value of the vehicle.

Having bought the RV of your choice, you can lead the life of leisure you have always sought.

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