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RV Shower – A Must Have for Your RV Bathroom

Travel by way of RVs is getting more popular by the day. The undying American spirit of adventure has a lot to do with the boom in RV traveling all over the country. A number of campsites have come up to cater to the specific needs of RV travelers.

More people are finding the RV mode a viable alternative to staying in hotels and traveling by air, which can be quite expensive. Your RV is a mini home on wheels with amenities like a kitchen, sleeping quarters, dining section, and storage. Another important facility available on your RV is the bathroom.

An RV bathroom is normally fixed with a toilet, sink, tub and a shower. Under the soothing rush of water from an RV shower is what you will need to relax after a tough day behind the wheel. RV Showers come in many styles and designs.

Like most of us, you probably enjoy a shower that contains soap dishes and bottle shelves placed into a corner. These shelves can hold items within your reach when you are having a shower. Some showers have a clean satin texture finish that not only enhances the appearance of the shower, but also makes cleaning very convenient. You may go for a one-piece, seamless shower, as it is easy to install and is more durable.

Apart from installing an RV shower inside your bathroom, you can even opt for an outdoor shower. These outdoor showers can be mounted wherever you want your hot and cold running water. Having an outdoor shower in the sun can be an interesting experience, especially for kids, who can have a simulated rain shower. If you carry your fish on your RV, the aquarium may need frequent cleaning. Your outdoor shower can help in this regard. People also use this equipment to wash tools and other items where a mild water jet can be directed to clean them.

You may even opt for an RV tub and shower. The RV tub is a bathroom fixture meant for bathing. It consists of a big open container that is used to fill water to wash the body. Normally, RV tubs are made of lighter materials like fiberglass and acrylic. Bathtubs are also made of wood or porcelain-coated steel. Heavier materials like steel and iron were often used during earlier times.

Another item that makes your RV bathing experience complete is the shower pan.

The RV shower pan is a useful part of the RV bathroom. The pan makes sure that the water remains within its confines, and is directed out through a drain hole. Pans come with an option of three different drain positions – left, right and center. You may choose one based on the position of the drain opening inside your RV bathroom. A pan that is fitted with some anti-slip material is a better option to prevent people from slipping while bathing. You may choose from the various sizes available depending on the size of your bathroom. The normal sizes are 36” x 36”, 32” x 32”, 23” x 36”, 24” x 27 ½”, 24” x 32”, 24” x 24”.

Check out our recommended resources below for attractive deals and offers on these and many other models of RV showers and shower accessories.

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