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RV Storage Florida – Safe Storage for your RV

RV boat storage in Florida is fast gaining popularity for storage of boats and recreational vehicles (RVs). With the explosion in Recreational Vehicle and boat sales, the need for their safe storage is also growing.

Investing time, energy, and money in your travel vehicle is necessary and storing them properly has become particularly important. Space is another major factor compelling RV owners to look for Recreational Vehicle and RV boat storage in Florida.

Why Store Your Travel Vehicle in Florida?
Restrictive city laws that ban the parking of large vehicles in residential areas have led to the necessity of boat and RV storage. Florida does not allow parking of such vehicles for more than 72 hours at a time. Parking of RVs and boats in driveways is also not an option.

You may require a signed petition by neighbors to allow storage of vehicles over a certain size. Most new housing developments do not allow any overnight travel coach or boat parking, as these houses generally have smaller yards. Such restrictions have contributed significantly to the boom in motor coach and boat storage business in Florida.

Recreational vehicle being long-term financial investments, their security and protection is a priority for the owners. Theft, burglary and vandalism are serious fears of Recreational Vehicle owners, emphasizing the need for safe recreational vehicle storage. Luxury vehicle and boat-storage facilities typically provide 24-hour surveillance in the form of security cameras or personnel, while streets and yards leave vehicles vulnerable to vandals. Most facilities in Florida also protect your luxury vehicles from elements such as sun, wind, ice and snow, all of which can be extremely damaging.

Profit is the Driving Force
Everyone wants to make profit. In Florida, Recreational Vehicle storage is one of the newest profitable ventures. As of now, there are very few dedicated RV storage facilities in Florida. Such a storage facility needs very simple construction, making it an easy to start kind of business. There are no moving parts except for roll-up doors on enclosed units. Once the unit is operational, maintenance is limited to cleanup and repairs only and thus there is no huge recurring cost. This is a largely, untapped market in Florida waiting for entrepreneurs to make their entry.

The Four Types of Storage Facilities in Florida
There are four types of Travel Trailer and boat storage facilities available in Florida:

  1. Covered RV Parking Facility. Fully enclosed units--These are similar to garages and may have heat and electricity. They are totally secure and is accessible only to the vehicle owner.

  2. Covered units with three walls--These offer some protection from natural elements but do not include a roll-up door.
  3. Covered parking--This provides an awning or canopy that protects vehicles from the sun but does not block moisture or wind from the sides. Angled RV canopies fall into this category.
  4. Open parking--This is a gated parking lot with no protection from the environment.

Check out our recommended resources below for attractive deals and offers on RV Storage and Boat storage facilities in Florida.

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