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RV and Boat Storage - Profit From It

RV storage center.With the growing popularity of boats and recreational vehicles (RVs), their storage options have also become equally popular and profitable. More than 11 million boats are in use in the United States. Many states, particularly those on the coasts, have a large population of boat enthusiasts. Boats range in type and size as greatly as they do in price.

A contributing factor to the explosion in recreational vehicle and boat sales includes increased marketing of such luxury vehicles. The Recreational Vehicle and boating lifestyle provides the luxury people desire, and requires proper storage of ones vehicle. With such a huge investment, storage of these recreational vehicles is particularly important.

Laws and Space Constraints Make Storage Necessary
Restrictive city laws that ban the parking of large vehicles in residential areas have contributed to the popularity of Recreational Vehicle and Boat storage facilities. Most cities restrict long-term parking of such vehicles and the owners should move them every 72 hours. Some laws ban parking of RVs and boats in driveways, while others require a petition signed by neighbors to allow storage of vehicles over a certain size. Most new housing developments do not allow any overnight RV or boat parking, as houses being built generally have smaller yards.

Space is a crucial factor. Even when vehicles are permitted in yards or driveways, they are cumbersome and can block larger areas reserved for other use. Facilities specifically designed for vehicle storage make it easier to maneuver in and out of spaces, as well as to perform routine cleaning and maintenance.

Safety Demands Storage Facilities
As recreational vehicles and boats are a long-term financial investment, concerns about its security and protection have also contributed to the storage need. Prep RV for storage.Theft, burglary and vandalism are serious fears of RV owners. Boat and RV storage facilities provide 24-hour surveillance in the form of security cameras or personnel, while streets and yards are vulnerable to vandals. Additionally, such storage facilities can help protect your travel coach from the elements, which can cause serious damage to luxury vehicles.

RV Storage is a Profitable Business
Winterizing RV for storage.
People who profit from the RV storage market are those who adjust to meet the growing demand. There are huge financial opportunities in the RV and boat storage market. However, there are very few dedicated boat and Recreational Vehicle storage facilities in existence that meet the needs of their growing customer base. For example, those that do exist are mostly open storage facilities with very few amenities.

Most damage to RVs and boats is due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Covered RV parking is necessary because they can protect RVs from exposure to the potentially damaging environment. Furthermore, this type of storage entails very simple construction. Unlike self-storage that must be built on a concrete slab, RV storage facility can use gravel. The market is no doubt huge. The return on investment can be of great value than that of self-storage since the building costs are comparatively less.

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