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How Best to Maintain Your RV Tires

Goodyear Tires.Maintaining your RV tires properly will ensure against premature wear and tear. The main reason for RV tire failure is overloading and poor load distribution. With more and more items and appliances added to the RV, the tires are being subjected to an ever-increasing load.

To ascertain whether the tires on your RV are overloaded, take your fully loaded vehicle to platform scales and have it weighed. It is possible that you are not exceeding the GAWR, GVWR or GCWR, but your tire ratings might not be adequate for the load. A better way to find out if the tire ratings are exceeded and the loaded weight is well distributed is to weigh each axle end separately.

Under-inflation of your vehicle’s tires is another reason your tires will wear out quickly. Under-inflated tires produce a lot of heat caused by friction, which may lead to tire failure (and your RV tires starting to crack). Keep a tab on your tire pressure to have it serve you long.

The Overload Effect
Tire pressure is an important component that allows your RV tires to support load. Overloading your tires can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences like brake failure, steering problems, suspension damage, and tire failure. Overloading in combination with under-inflated tires is a recipe for disaster. If you find your RV is overloaded and not responding properly, remove all excess loads. Keep your tires well inflated as per the recommendations of the manufacturer. These tips also apply to RV Trailer tires.

It is normally seen that RV owners maintain lower tire pressures to enjoy a smoother ride. Wrong as it is, this practice may lead to serious consequences like tire failure or accidents. It is mandatory to maintain the recommended tire pressure for tire durability and safety. Here are some tire inflation tips to help prolong your tire life.

  • Regularly check tire pressure.
  • Use permanent air seal metal valve caps.
  • If your tire has run 20% under-inflated, have it checked by a trained expert.
  • Ensure that mated duals bear equal inflation pressure. Do not run one of them flat or under-inflated.
  • Avoid releasing air from warm tires to reduce pressure.
  • Avoid inflating tires to cold PSI rating.

Here are some options of preferred RV tires for you.

Goodyear RV tires
Goodyear RV tires are some of the best models available. The G670 RV tire is specially designed for class ‘A’ motor homes that can be fitted in any position. This tire contributes to fuel economy because of its durable fuel-efficient casing. The G670 Goodyear RV tires feature circumferential grooves for improved wet traction, increased sipes and notches for enhanced traction, and high technology belt system for an improved ride.

Michelin RV Tires
Michelin Tires.Among the best RV tires category, another name that has carved a niche is Michelin tires.

Michelin RV tires are specifically designed for great handling and riding comfort. The other features include a steel casing and reinforced steel bead for retread ability, sidewall protection against sidewall damage, rib tread design to provide even tread wear and long mileage, and low rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

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