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RV Toilet – Special Features

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are meant for adventurous people, who love traveling by road and living in their vehicles. People find it to be a cheaper mode of vacationing, as staying in a hotel or traveling by air can be quite an expensive proposition.

A number of RV camping sites have come up across the US to cater to the needs of RV travelers. RVs are considered a home on wheels with all facilities that you will normally find at home. However, you might feel a bit constricted for want of space. You may have a small sleeping area, living area, and kitchen and bathroom to deal with.

The RV bathroom consists of a sink, shower and toilet. The RV toilet comes in various styles and designs. Thetford is among the number of manufacturers, which design RV toilets. The Thetford RV Bravura model toilet is quite a popular model.

Thetford RV Toilet
The Thetford RV toilet is a stylish unit that adorns many toilets in most traveler trailers, motor homes, RVs, and fifth wheels. Known for its sleek design and accentuated style, it is now the first choice of many RV travelers. The Thetford RV toilet is large and convenient with a single flush pedal, as can be seen in the image above. It adds to the value of the toilet because of its attractive styling.

The designers have designed the Thetford RV toilet in a manner that makes it is very convenient to clean. This pulsating flush ensures a full-bowl wash down, which is quick and efficient. Designed to conveniently install and service, it has a front shroud that is easy to pull off to access the mounting bolts and pedal mechanism. This ensures easy removal of the unit, if need be. The Thetford RV toilet model is taller than most RV toilets, which adds to the users’ comfort. It comes with a seat that is easy to remove, which makes servicing the unit very convenient. RV owners are reported to have replaced their existing functional toilets with the Thetford RV toilet for its great features. Exceptionally valuable is the 3-year warranty this expert line inlcudes.

The dimensions of the high profile Thetford RV toilet are Height – 17 7/8 in (45.4 cm), Width – 16 9/6 in (42.1 cm), and Length – 20 3/8 in (51.3 cm). The dimensions of the low profile unit are Height - 14 in. (35.6 cm), Width - 16 9/16 in (42.1 cm), and Length - 20 3/16 in (51.3 cm).

The silent electric solenoid Thetford RV toilet unit is sleek, with a solid porcelain base. It has a patented centrifugal evacuation mechanism that provides clog-free operation. The unit is specifically designed to reduce water consumption, and comes with automatic flush cycles and a wall mounted single-button control.

RV Toilet Paper
The RV toilet paper is a necessary Brand of every RV toilet. These toilet papers are made especially for RV toilet use. Made from special soft tissue these papers are easy to flush from the bowl. The tissue paper is biodegradable and dissolves quickly which rules out messy clogs.

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