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Tips And Tricks For RV Washer Dryer Combos

These useful tips will help you to get the most out of your Washer Dryer Combo!

Tip #1: Why Do Small Loads?
Try washing a load of laundry every day (or two). This will keep you from having to wash really big loads, which will take you all night and (because of the power draw of RV washer/dryers) you won’t be able to do much else while your laundry is cranking away. Do what you can to stay on top of your clean laundry needs.

Tip #2: Where To Wash Large Items
Wash your heavier items (bed sheets, jeans, towels, etc.) in the campground laundry rooms. Their machines will be faster, especially while drying the clothes. RV Washer Dryer Tips.

Tip #3: Ventless Washer Dryer Combos and "Dampness" - What To Do
If you own a ventless RV washer/dryer combo, you’ll find that your clothes are a little damp to the touch after removing them. Don’t put them back into the dryer!

This “dampness” is normal and is a result of the self-condensing drying process (cold water is used to condense the water from inside the drum instead of a vent). Just shake things out to allow the dampness to dissipate and wait a few seconds before folding.

Tip #4: Why You Shouldn't Overload!
Don’t overload the drum, especially during drying. If you put a full load into the wash, you’ll have to do two dryer loads. You can use a little liquid fabric softener with the dry cycle to help them dry a little faster and reduce the wrinkling.

Tip #5: Do This To Speed Up The Drying Process!
Here’s an interesting tip for your RV washer/dryer combo. When you wash large items (bed sheets, pants, towels), don’t have it go automatically from wash cycle to dry. While this is a nice convenience of these units, you’ll be better off removing and folding the sheets before drying them! As odd as this may sound, folded laundry dries faster and more evenly, and they don’t come out nearly as wrinkled!

These tips dealt with the washing of clothes in these units. There are other resources available online that help you keep your machine, and, your all in one washer dryer computer, in good working order.

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