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Sun Shades and Sun Shelters

Create your own cozy shade nook with one of these Sun Shade Sails. Make your own camper awning with a SunShade Sail. These items are portable and are ideal for RV, camping, lake, beach or backyard use. In tough spaces where an umbrella won't cover - the Sun Shade Sail is the perfect alternative. Online is a great place to learn about and shop for these kinds of products as you can compare reviews, prices and delivery times all inone easy step.

Whether you prefer a Sun Sail, a Sunshade or a Sun Shelter, they will all help protect you and shelter you from the hot sun. The decision about which kind os sun protection and sun shade to purchase will depend on several variables. First of course you have to consider the cost and what you are willing to spend to get this extra outdoor living are. Secondly when considering a sun shade or sun shelter you need to think about how much space you want to cover. If you are looking to provide shade from the sun for a family of six then you may need a shelter which is 30 square feet in size. However if there are only two of you using the sun shade a good sized umbrella providing 8 feet of coverage would be very adequate. Finally you need to consider the storage and transportation of the sun shelter. While many sun shades can collapse to a small traveling size the poles and set up structure may require a certain length of storage area once it is taken apart.

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