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RV Awning Lights, Party Light Sets and Light Ropes

These outdoor string light sets are a fun and festive novelty for your RV, camper or travel trailer! String these decorative and elegant awning light ropes around your deck, patio, gazebo, RV...anywhere outdoors or inside. Outdoor string lights and light sets come in a wide variety of styles and colors and reflect your personality as well as dress up your RV while you are parked in camp. Don't be shy to show off your rig and light things up for those fun evenings on the road.

Most of these patio, deck and rv string lights are weather resistant, and many feature a coiled cord to help prevent tangling. Most have 30 foot cords and are suitable for up to 60 Watt maximum bulbs. Globe lights are especially popular and can often be found in the following colors: bronze, white, multi, clear, patriot, and purple/yellow.

Outdoor lights and string lights are very popular and are made even more so by the ease with which they set up and the low levels of power that are required to keep them lit. Best of all these outdoor lights are often very subtle in their style so they do not bother your neighbors while still expressing a bit of your personality.

Feel free to look around and learn all about different string lights and outdoor light sets which can help you when you are camping and are very very useful to find your way back to the trailer when you have that late night run to the snack area or restroom.
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