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Awning RV Screen Rooms Add-A-Room Outdoors Patio Rugs and Mats

Awnings for RVs are an absolute necessity for summer RV travel. Frolicking in the sun for hours saps energy. Grab yourself a cool place in the shade to sip lemonade and eat a chicken salad sandwich. Now that's the life! In addition to or instead of an awning, RV life can be enhanced with a screen room or an Add-A-Room™ from Carefree of Colorado. RV Outdoor screen rooms are like RV awnings with the added benefit of extending the living space of the travel trailer. They make great storage for kid's toys or cooking and can also serve as a baby's nursery or changing room. Though there is a bit more setup for a screen room or Add-A-Room™ than the awning, RV's become more than just a way to get from point A to point B. They become mobile, full-amenity living areas and much more fun and comfortable.

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Awnings, Replacement Fabric
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See the latest in Awnings for RV's, Screen Rooms, RV Patio Awnings, Rugs and Mats and Outdoor Rooms

Add-A-Room™ to your RV

Carefree of Colorado makes an outdoor screen room perfect for extending the space of any RV, travel trailer or camper. They call it the Add-A-Room™.

Aluminum Patio Awnings

Get more enjoyment from your backyard! Like having an air conditioned room outside, a patio cover lets you enjoy the outdoors rain or shine. Shade temperatures that can be up to 20-degrees cooler!

RV Solar Panel Chargers

Most models work well in both direct sunlight and dim light conditions for charging and have blocking diodes to prevent battery discharge.

Solar Power Generators for RV's

From 2000 Watt Wind Turbine Solar Power Generators to 12 Volt Briefcase Solar Generators, there are several options available.

Norcold RV Refrigerators

The Norcold Model N1095 has a storage space of 9.5 cubic feet in the outline shape of 7.5 feet - amazing! With this space efficiency, the performance, reliability, and dependability are also remarkable.

Coleman Outdoor Fireplaces

Coleman Outdoor Patio Fireplace features adjustable telescoping legs so you can make a fireplace in the low position and a charcoal grill in the higher position.

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