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Portable Tripods for Satellite Dishes at Auction Pricing

portable tripod for satellite dish.Need a place to mount that satellite tv dish while you are RVing, camping or tailgating? A portable tripod for your satellite dish is just the thing. These portable tripod systems can often be used with many different types of satellite TV products from Dish Network, to DirecTV, to FTA (FREE TO AIR) satellite Systems, and more

While on the road, this system can be used for temporary mounting. When back at home it can serve as a permanent mounting in places such as apartments, rentals, time shares or condos.

Like you we love getting a great deal! On this page our goal is to help educate as you consider the purchase of a satellite dish tripod and to help you find some of the best online outlets where you can read more about these convenient tripods and order them for your next RV trip.

One main thing to consider when you are purchasing an tripod for your satellite dish is size. As long as you feel you will have a good southern exposure from your camp site you will not need a tall satellite tripod. A short tripod that sits right on the ground would be more than satisfactory. Of course a short stand is also nice because it is easier to set up and take down as well as being easier to store as you are driving. Be away however that different satellite dishes are different sizes and your dish needs to at least be tall enough to hold your satellite off of the ground. So when considering size convenience is important but your dish must not rest when it can get dirty and damaged.

Another important quality will be the strength and durability of the tripod. You will want to make sure that the legs on the tripod are sturdy enough to hold your satellite dish without failing over a short period of time.

Of course making sure that the legs to the satellite tripod are also able to spread out far enough to provide a stable base is critical. Many tripods have a small leg extension which, when opened, creates a wobbly and unbalanced contraption that will cause your dish to tip over. This is especially important when you consider that a perfectly flat surface is not always available at every RV park.

Finally you need to consider compatibility with your dish. Before you make the purchase of any portable tripod you need to make sure that it will attach to and fit the dish you own. The best way to ensure this is to check with the dish company or the satellite dish manufacturer to see if the recommend any specific satellite tripods for their dishes. This way when the threads and sizes are trying to be matched and attached to each other you will not be disappointed with a tripod and a dish that are not compatible.

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