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Discount Auction Pricing on RV Solar Chargers

solar charger for RV.Harness the power of daylight to run appliances on the road or in your boat! Many of today's solar chargers also come with an emergency LED crank light. This light never needs bulbs or batteries. The rechargeable battery for this emergency light offers 30 minutes of light for every one minute of cranking.

Superor chargers will offer excellent performance even in cloudy conditions and will charge 12 Volt car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, boat, personal watercraft or RV batteries. Many are Ideal for deep cycle or multiple battery banks, with each panel providing several watts of power each.

Join the ever-increasing ranks of Green RVers! We have found that RV solar chargers can be found on Ebay at discount prices! Making "Green RVing" more affordable and easier to accomplish! For your convenience, we have included the most recent of these auctions below. Simply click on any auction you are interested in for more information:

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