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How To Create A Mobile Office In Your RV – These Tips Make It Easy!

Why So Many People Today Are Opting For Offices In Their RV’s

The technology for effectively taking care of your private and business dealings, wherever you go with your RV, has improved dramatically. The rising number of RVers who are hitting the road, more often and for longer periods of time, has highlighted the mounting need for a mobile office.

RV enthusiasts, like everyone else, have to pay bills, shop over the Internet, and manage their finances. In addition, many operate home-based businesses to finance their RV lifestyles.

More than 50 million Americans work from home in some capacity, according to the American Internet Users Survey, and the home office has come a long way.

RV offices run the gamut from full time careers to bill paying stations to a place where homework is done. Your RV office should mirror your individuality and interests, while being both practical and attractive, whether you choose to decorate it in the same style as the rest of your RV or you opt for a completely different look.

RV Office Ergonomics - It's So Easy To Prevent Injury to Yourself and Your Loved Ones!

If your work entails sitting at a desk, it is important that you get up frequently and stretch your body.
Make Sure Your Posture is in Alignment

You will want your work environment to be setup in such a way so as to minimize the effects of stress and strain on your body and joints.

Several items have been developed for just this purpose, among them, the "Foot Valet". This item helps you to sit in a neutral position with both of your feet flat on the "ground."

If when you sit, your feet aren't flat on the ground, you are straining your back.

Given the special space needs of RVers, a version of the foot valet has been developed that includes lift up storage space.

Make Sure You Have Good Back Support
Another important thing to consider is your back and posture while you work.

Do you have proper lumbar support? Do you have back pain?

The foot valet above will help with proper posture, as will a lumbar support cushion.

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The Most Common Things You’ll Need For Your Office

Setting up an office is one of the most important tasks you will do when you take the decision to work from your RV. Size is less important than functionality.

Is the area well lit? Proper lighting is extremely important. Are there ample electrical outlets? Bear in mind what pieces of equipment you will have in your workspace.

Is the area well ventilated and dust free? When you travel with expensive electronic and computer equipment, it is important that you keep dust to a minimum.

An accumulation of too much dust in a computer can cause it to overheat and not function properly. This is where an air cleaner, or, air purifier comes in.

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Be Sure Your Office Fits Your Unique Needs
The main challenges to working from an RV are:
1. Internet connection
2. Power source

It isn’t as difficult for RVers who mainly stay in parks for periods of time and then journey for a short while to a new destination.

Doing business out of an RV raises some financial issues. If the RV is used exclusively for business, then you may deduct all expenses associated with its upkeep: travel and maintenance, storage, depreciation, and interest on any related loan, as well as vehicle taxes. You may need to keep a log on the mileage and use of the vehicle if you use the motor home for private as well as business related matters.

Examples of Folks Who Use RV Offices
Baby boomers have pushed the number of RV owners to record levels, including some who hit the road full time while continuing to pursue their careers, and they are the principal users of RV offices. They have funds, a desire to travel and sufficient technology to run an office or stay in touch with family while touring. Thanks to Wi-Fi, satellite hookups, email and cell phones, it is possible to run virtually any business from an RV.

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