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Direct TV vs. Satellite – Which Is Better For TV On The Road?

What Dish Network and Direct TV Currently Offer

Currently, both DISH Network and DIRECTV have hundreds of channels and will give you a free satellite TV system when you subscribe to their service. A variety of packages are available from various satellite TV providers so you can find the right package to fit your needs..

Prices can start in the mid $20 dollar range for a basic satellite TV package and then go up from there depending on how many channels you want and what kind of specialty channels you think you might use while you are on the road in your RV. Movie package and on demand packages are also available so you can purchase one of a kind entertainment options for your next road trip.

Roving with the family in an RV and not having access to your normal TV line up can be rather tiresome. DIRECTV has a mobile satellite service, which they offer to their customers. It is very basic, without the ability to order pay-per-view channels or some of the sophisticated programming that you may have become used to. DIRECTV is one of the largest satellite TV providers and is ranked high in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power.

Commercial truck drivers and owners of recreational vehicles can also receive mainstream Network programming, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and PBS. Check with the different satellite TV providers to see what stations are including in their basic and their upgraded packages.

For some packages you will also need to submit a copy of your current state vehicle registration. DISH network is a fast growing satellite TV provider and is also ranked high in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power.

Watch TV In The Middle of Nowhere!

RVers had to rely on park hookups to provide their TV entertainment before satellite services came along and made programming available virtually anywhere you want to go throughout the entire country, including rural areas. Satellite TV nowadays has made it as simple as cranking up the satellite dish when you park and aiming it at the part of the sky where the reception is best.

Modern RV satellite TV systems are totally self-contained. A satellite TV dish and receiver is all the equipment you’ll need for your RV – same as a house. Since you’ll be traveling you’ll need a movable stand so you can aim your dish at the satellite.

You can purchase an RV style, crank-up dish antenna, which folds down flat for travel. Roof mounted antennas are great, but can’t be used in all situations … sooner or later you’ll run into satellite TV’s arch enemy: trees. That’s where tripods and ground mounts come in. The tripod is great for finding an opening in the trees.

When you compare the different satellite TV providers you’ll find that the main differences between them are subscription fees and programming. Some satellite providers have more sports program packages, including NFL Sunday ticket, others has the biggest variety of movies and shows and the most HDTV programming. Be sure to think about your television preferences and those of the people who will be traveling with you before making your final decision.

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