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RV Camper Insurance – Do You Really Need It?

Does Your Truck Insurance Cover Your Camper Too?

Truck campers have changed greatly in the past few years, and have become much more versatile. Loading the camper used to be a major work out; today’s campers are motor driven, and rise up with the push of a button.

Since the truck camper is attached to a vehicle for hauling, it’s deemed cargo, so there’s no need to purchase a license plate for it, nor a separate insurance policy, only an addition to the truck insurance policy.

Can I add The Camper To My Current Auto Coverage?
You may be tempted to get inexpensive auto insurance on your recreation vehicle, especially if you’re watching your budget.

Your vehicle is after all covered with such a policy, and if you have a traditional car you often get a great discount by insuring your recreation vehicle with the same insurance provider. However, insurance coverage for recreation vehicles offers several features that your regular car insurance simply cannot match.

RV insurance policies differ by company, just like the RV’s they protect. Although an auto policy was never intended to protect such specialized equipment, many RV owners opt to insure their recreational vehicles with the same policy as their car. Auto policies don’t provide Guaranteed Total Loss Replacement – if your RV is destroyed within its first five model years, this coverage will ensure that you get a brand new RV – even if it costs more than you paid for the original unit!

Getting Coverage For A Camper
Finding insurance for your camper might appear to be a difficult project at first glance. Never fear. It’s best to shop around, like with any other insurance policy. There are quite a few highly regarded companies that specialize in RV insurance. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association recommends that policies for travel trailers, truck campers and pop-ups should include:
§ All-risk comprehensive coverage
§ Vacation liability for emergency motel and meal expenses
§ Towing
§ Fire department services

One in eight licensed drivers is involved in an automobile accident each year, according to the latest statistics by the National Safety Council. In case of an accident:
§ Don’t leave the scene
§ Move inoperable vehicles to the shoulder, out of the way of oncoming traffic
§ Call for medical assistance if there are any injuries
§ Don’t shift an injured person unless you have medical or lifesaving skills, but you can administer basic first aid if applicable
§ Call the police

You know the freedom of getting away if you’ve already experienced the tranquility and fun of camping with your recreational vehicle. The US Forest Service includes 192 million diverse acres across the nation waiting to be enjoyed. These sites are just right for experienced campers who are looking for their own quiet spot.

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