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How to Make a Solar Panel for RV or Home Use

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels operate by producing electricity using certain wavelengths of light. To work optimally, all these panels need is direct sunlight and low temperature. In this article it is our goal to give you some useful information about building your own solar panels. Youcan also read reviews of DIY solar panel guides as another great resource as you consider the idea of solar panels for your RV.
Today it is easier than ever to build your own solar panel, with all the kits and methods available. Your own homemade solar panel can be an effective way to produce your own power and save on future power bills – for your recreational vehicle or for your house.

Building Your Own Solar Panel
All the components required for creating your own solar panel are made available in most kits. These components typically include: solar cells, a soldering iron, solder, flux, and tabbing. Kits typically include detailed instructions on how to make a solar panel. Constructing a solar panel at home does not require professional expertise.

You can simply follow the step-by-step instructions available with the kit. You can also look up web forums and ask questions of others who have built these before. A homemade solar panel can be a big money saver and have you on your way to having your own residential solar power system.

Another advantage of building and installing a solar panel is that they are eco-friendly, or, produce "green energy" to use the latest terminology. Other forms of electricity emit certain harmful elements that contribute to smog, and other pollution, while solar power is free from such hazardous emissions.

If you find you require more energy output, you may add more solar panels to generate more power.

An energy law passed by the U.S. government in August of 2005 allows a tax credit of 30% of the solar panel system’s cost with a maximum of $2,000. (Consult your tax professional for details).

Different Types of Solar Energy Panels
There are two basic types of solar panels. One that produces energy in the form of heat, the other that produces energy in the form of electricity. "Normal" panels use solar energy to heat water for basic needs at home, or even for pools. The absorber converts the radiation from the sun into heat. The second type of solar panel, known as photovoltaic panels, converts light into electricity. These panels are normally installed on the roof. The electricity produced by these panels is directed to a battery, which serves as the electricity storage device. The battery can then supply all the electricity that your household needs.

Your homemade solar panel will be made from a collection of solar cells. Each solar cell produces a small amount of electricity, but collectively they can produce enough electricity to fulfill your household power needs. It is important for the panels to keep facing the sun to receive direct sunrays.

You can choose from a number of tracking solar mounts available. The single-axis tracker is fixed at a vertical angle. The angle is manually maneuvered to follow the path of the sun, which is based on seasonal changes. For summer, the rule of thumb is to set the panels at your latitude minus 15, and for winter, you may set the panels at your latitude plus 15. The dual-axis tracker adjusts the vertical angle automatically.

Your unique needs and requirements will dictate what type of solar panel is right for you. If making your own panel is not for you, keep your eye out for solar panel sales, you can often find great deals on these energy saving items if you time it right.

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