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Best RV Insurance For Full Timers

Many insurance policies do not cover your RV if it is being used as fulltime living quarters. Only a small handful of companies understand the needs of full time RVers (or, "fulltimers") and write special policies.

The best-known companies are: Good Sam VIP Insurance, Explorer RV, Foremost, Progressive and RV America. When shopping for insurance be sure to inquire about replacement cost.

This coverage lets you replace your RV with a brand new one of the same make and model, subject to the limits of your policy.

Most insurance companies would be happy to issue a policy for your RV, since it is a vehicle. Issuing an RV with a typical auto policy, however, will leave significant coverage gaps.

In addition to the usual coverage, a full timers’ endorsement will cover property and losses in and around your RV. Before buying, make sure the endorsement will also cover additions such as an antenna, awning, entertainment center, etc. Keep your budget in mind. While some types of coverage may sound good, can you afford them?

Below are the different types of coverage available under a typical RV insurance plan:
§ Bodily injury and property liability
§ Medical payments
§ Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
§ OTC (other than collision) deductible
§ Collision deductible options
§ Towing and labor
§ Replacement cost for personal effects
§ Vacation liability

Before you get covered, and before you even buy your RV, there’s one thing you should ask yourself – is fulltiming really for me? Not everybody is right for the lifestyle; no matter how many other people you know who have been full timers. If you value things like continuity, a brick and mortar home and a stable job, it may not be right for you.

If you’re relatively new to the RV lifestyle, you may also be frightened by the thought of driving and parking these vast vehicles. The fear factor will almost certainly increase in direct proportion to the size of the RV. Owners of smaller RV’s will find little challenge besides learning how to back up a trailer. At the other end of this scale are huge Class A motor coaches and 40-foot fifth wheel trailers.

The latest estimate is that there are one million North American full timers, living permanently in their RV’s with no fixed address. An astonishing number of engineers, project managers and construction people are full timers, living permanently in their RV’s and traveling from job to job. For retirees, full timing comes with the blessing of not having a house to maintain.

Some people think they can leave out getting RV insurance and put their recreational vehicle on their car insurance policy. Only an RV insurance policy can give you the complete coverage your recreational vehicle requires, although it will cost a bit more in premiums. Cover your RV with its own policy, whether it’s motorized or towable.

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