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How To Keep/Get RV Insurance Coverage When Traveling To Mexico

According to the results of a survey taken some years ago among Mexican motorists about 3.7% had automobile insurance.

The law in Mexico requires liability insurance, but there are no roadside checks or entry requirements that compel foreign visitors to get it.

However, at each border crossing there are several drive-through booths that offer short-term policies to motorists.

Liability in Mexico is Different than in the US

Liability exposure in most Mexican states is much less significant than in the US or Canada.

Liability is broken down into two components in the event of an automobile accident: first, actual damages are based on the value of the other party’s vehicle, property, medical expenses, and/or loss of wages.

Second, “moral damages” are about equal to the US idea of pain and suffering, which in most Mexican states is restricted to a portion of the actual damages.

Mexico May Not Recognize US Insurance
No policy sold in the United States provides coverage outside the US, its territories, or Canada. If you’re renting an RV it’s recommended that you purchase all coverage from the rental outfit, including liability for injury and property damage. Foreign laws differ; for example, Mexico does not recognize US insurance.

Some insurance companies will automatically extend the Physical Damage segment of the policy to cover losses sustained in Mexico. This coverage is given only when a Mexican Physical Liability policy has been bought from an approved insurance company. The RV will be towed to the nearest competent facility in the United States for repairs.

What Does a Mexican Liability Policy Typically Cover?
A Mexican liability policy will pay for the damage to the other driver’s vehicle when an RVer is at fault in an accident. RV and other auto accidents south of the border are subject to the laws of Mexico, not the United States. US insurance companies provide varying degrees of physical damage coverage in Mexico. If you buy a full-coverage Mexican policy either through a caravan company, an independent agent, or a Mexican insurance company, your US carrier may become secondary to your Mexican policy for losses occurring in Mexico.

Vehicle accidents in Mexico may either be viewed as civil or criminal matters, as in the US, but if there is a fatality, injuries, or major property damage, they are usually viewed as criminal. Authorities will commence a criminal investigation, and the crimes you could be charged with include imprudence, a type of criminal negligence, as well as more obvious crimes such as driving under the influence.

Protect Yourself

Get Mexican liability and property damage insurance when you take your RV south of the border. It costs about $5-$10 per day and can be as little as 50 cents a day for extended coverage through clubs, depending on the value of your equipment. You may also want to buy Mexican comprehensive coverage, but be aware, given damage; you must file the claim before you cross back into the USA.

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