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RV Motorhome Insurance
– 5 Questions You Must Ask To Avoid Being “Taken For A Ride"

You take all the comforts of home in your motorhome; whether you’re traveling full-time, or just on vacation. Because motorhomes are bigger and heavier than most vehicles, the damage resulting from accidents is proportionately greater.

Full-timers can face the same personal-injury concerns that homeowners do. RV-specific insurance policies merge the appropriate features of auto and homeowners’ policies.

When buying a policy, make sure you find out:

1. Is your motorhome covered by your homeowners’ policy? If you don’t plan on living in your motorhome, and you only use it for short trips, this could make more sense than RV-specific insurance. If you RV is not already covered, call your insurance agent and ask if there is a rider that can be purchased to include it on your homeowners’ policy.

2. What exactly does the policy cover? Some basic policies mainly cover the vehicular aspects of the RV, such as collision and liability. Collision insurance covers any damage to the RV if any type of collision occurs. Another important type of coverage is uninsured driver insurance. The property inside the RV should also be covered, since RVs can be residences as well as vehicles.

3. Does the RV insurance policy provide a hotel room and a rental car for the duration if major repairs are necessary? If not, this can add up to a significant amount if your motorhome is in the shop for an extended stay. Common expenses covered are lodging, meals, and travel back home.

4. How does the insurance company look after your claims? Do they provide 24-hour claims service anywhere in North America? What happens to your premiums if you have a claim?

5. Are you covered in Canada or Mexico? Some US insurance companies will extend physical damage coverage (collision, comprehensive) on your RV while you are driving in Mexico. However, they cannot and do not provide Mexican liability, since the law in Mexico mandates that only insurance companies which are licensed and admitted in Mexico can provide “civil liability” coverage that is recognized by the judicial system of that country

Many Companies Offer It
Several companies offer specialized RV insurance. These include Good Sam VIP Insurance, Explore RV, Foremost, Progressive, and RV America. RV’s should be insured with special policies that cover the things auto insurance would miss, such as full-timer and campsite liability. RV insurance policies also allow for significantly higher liability limits than auto insurance.

Keep Your RV In Good Shape
When you made the decision to purchase an RV it was a major investment. Keep it in good shape by checking your owner’s manual for routine and scheduled maintenance intervals. Always check fluid levels, air filter, radiator coolant, hoses, clamps, belts, etc. Preventive maintenance could be the difference between a safe and pleasant trip and an expensive, catastrophic one.

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